Securing EU Residency Through Bulgaria's Trade Representative Office

Securing EU Residency Through Bulgaria's Trade Representative Office

Bulgaria's Trade Representative Office Route to EU Permanent Residency

One pathway to EU residence for digital nomads and entrepreneurs is through Bulgaria's Trade Representative Office (TRO) route. This allows obtaining Bulgarian residence, which grants access to the broader Schengen Area.


  • The company must be incorporated for at least 2 years and remain active and tax-compliant.
  • The company must have plans to enter the Bulgarian market, conduct research, and prepare for expansion.
  • The company can appoint up to 3 Trade Representatives based on business needs.

Residence Permits

  • Trade Representatives can obtain "prolonged residence" permits, renewable annually.
  • After 5 years with a valid permit and residing in Bulgaria over 30 months, they can apply for Permanent Residence or "EU long-term residence."
  • Permanent Residence allows employment and leads to Bulgarian citizenship.


To initiate the process, you must:

  • Establish a TRO
  • Secure an office address in Bulgaria
  • Provide proof of long-term accommodation
  • Appoint up to 3 individuals as Trade Representatives

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